10 myths about cats
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10 myths about cats

1. Cats always land on their feet

Although cats are athletic and can move their bodies in anyway, it’s not necessary that they land safely on their feet all the time. They can hurt themselves very badly if they don’t land properly. Short falls are more dangerous.

2. Cats should be fed cow’s milk

Cats love milk but most of them are lactose intolerant. Feeding them milk can lead to digestive problems like diarrhea and vomiting. It’s best to avoid feeding cats with people’s food especially milk.

3. Cats hate water

All cats need plenty of water to drink. Cats might not like a bath or getting wet, but they are always fascinated by running water from faucets and taps and it’s always a source of amusement and entertainment for them.

4. Cats cannot be disciplined

Cats can definitely be trained. The reason why people think cats cannot be trained is because no one really tries to train them. It’s just that it takes more time and patience to train a cat compared to a dog. It’s easy to train them with treats rather than punishments. Training your cat to do certain things can even strengthen the bond between the two of you.

5. House cats cannot get diseases

Just because the cat lives indoors, it doesn’t mean that it’s not prone to any illness or sickness. Cats can get sick due to airborne germs or by consuming insects that carry any diseases. Make sure to leave your footwear at the entrance as it might also carry a lot of germs.

6. Cats have nine lives

Cats have only one life and it is our duty to keep it happy and healthy by taking it for regular veterinary check-ups.

7. Cats don’t need exercise

Indoor cats definitely need exercise. Exercise can be in the form of interactive play. Cats require mental refreshment and some form of physical activity to prevent them from becoming obese.

8. A cat is sick when it eats grass

Not always. There are no proven results that cats eat grass when they are sick. However, on the other hand research shows that cats like to eat grass. So don’t worry or panic if you find your cat snacking on grass, it might just be enjoying it.

9. Cats are solitary

Cats are definitely not loners. Being alone or a separation can be stressful to them and increase their anxiety levels which can be seen in loss of appetite, vomiting, excessive self-grooming and litter-box issues. Make sure to spend some time with your cats and engage them in playful activities.

10. Cats’ teeth doesn’t have to be brushed

Cats have a bad breath and it can be avoided by brushing regularly. Don’t ignore brushing as it might also help you discover any injuries or unusual happenings in the teeth and gums. Brushing the teeth freshens its breath.