Dog’s safe environment
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Dog’s safe environment

All the dogs require safe environment and prevention from hazards. By providing with the comfortable, cozy and safe environment at home will make him happy, healthy and secured.

Dogs are the packed animals and you are the leader so keeping the dog indoor will make him happy which makes outdoor dogs to be more stressed because it is separated from leader for long period.

Some dogs may be uncomfortable to be indoor if that the case the dog to be given outdoor make sure it prevent from sunlight and wind.

Suitable environment:

The environment that you are providing would be:

  • 1. It should be clean and safe
  • 2. It should avoid things that scare him.
  • 3. It should have proper protection from any hazards.
  • 4. The place that you’re giving should be large enough with good ventilation and temperature.
  • 5. Try to change your Dog’s bed regularly so that it may be comfortable.
  • 6. Also provide access to the nearby area apart from resting area which has to be used as a toilet area.
  • 7. Make sure it spends lot time with the leader and the family members.
  • 8. Your dog has to move freely around and prevent from too hot or too cold.

Environmental hazards:

Hazards for Dog in home include the following:

  • 1. If you are staying in the high building, the open window and balconies may be cause for problem of falling down of your pet.
  • 2. Poisonous plant that you kept may harm your pet.
  • 3. Household and garden chemicals.
  • 4. It is necessary to provide place that should not contain any things that is scary for dogs. If it is scared then it is necessary to provide place where it feels comfortable and safe.
  • 5. Dogs are naturally inquisitive if it is kept unsupervised it may harm himself.

Other hazards include:

Food: If your dog lives indoor that it may intake food as we human eating. Some of the foods are not suitable for dog. If you like to treat him with the people food then it is important to contact veterans before feeding it.

Toxic chemicals: Some might come in contact with the toxic chemicals such as Fertilizers, Detergents, Insecticides, House cleaners, Antifreeze etc. It is necessary to prevent your dog from reaching.

Plants and flowers: Some of plants and flowers might be hazardous to your dog so it is necessary to do some research before planting it.