How to help your loved one on diet?
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How to help your loved one on diet?

Your loved one is on a proper diet plan to reduce weight. It can be for any good reason. It is always good to show them the support and care they may require/expect from their loved ones.

There are some easy ways given below which you can follow to help and support your loved one who is on diet.

Start friendly competition:

If you want to lose a few pounds too or just to support your loved one, set a friendly competition first. It can be anything; for instance, set a weekly goal of reducing weight for both of you (targets can vary).

 Check your weight at the end of the week, the runner up has to do something benefiting the winner. For instance, the runner up has to prepare food for the next week. These things can be fun and will also motivate your loved one to be strict on diet to reduce weight.

Be a cheer leader, not a coach:

Instead of finding faults on their diet plan, encourage them to do the right things to maintain diet. Try to prepare two new recipes a week and motivate them to reach their target.

Celebrate every small achievement. Also be a volunteer sometime and eat their diet food along with them.

Be a good partner:

Device exercise plans and make a habit of doing it regularly. It may encourage them to take this serious as well. Regular physical activities and workout plans are of significant help to reduce your weight and make yourself fit.

To help them avoid being sedentary all the time, take your partner out for a walk or dance with him/her which burns more calories. Plan to go out together to a restaurant which supplies healthy foods or foods that contain fewer calories.

Do not tempt them:

If you want to support your loved one, please do not tempt them to eat any junk or unhealthy food. Please note that it is very easy to gain weight through unhealthy foods and on the other hand it is highly unlikely to reduce weight easily & quickly.

 Try to eat out alone for a few days if you had planned to eat food that contains lots of fats, carbohydrates and calories.